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new Viprasys-Y!Blot-Out By (__S3rial-Killers__)

Post  __marichal.booteur10__ on Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:33 am

Multi Bot Login Will Login Bots In any Format U Want With 31 Hard Hitting Option Single Victim & Multi Victim ,profiler,Online Checker + ROom Booter And Graber With 7 Boot Options Include Error Options Dc Any Messy & Clients Even Pm Closed + Bot Splitter U Can Change Ur Bots Format To Any Format U Want+Buddy DEny And Multi Buddy Deny With 1 Bot Login 4 Boot Option Also Kill Messy Even Pm Closed Also Have A Site Ddoser ,Yahoo Patch And 4 Radio Stations+ Shout Box,Proxy Checker,Webrowser,And anti Yahoo Sites Links.And This Program Have Ulimited Skins In Your Choice In Program folder Have 27 Kickass Skin And If U want More U can DownloadSkins From Any skin Will Work On It Enjoy By:S3rial-Killers

Note:View Pic How To Register Skin Crafter And Ocx Files
To Know How U Register It


Bot Setting:Login Delay And Skin Changer

Boot options:31 Bot Option Include Chat Client Boot Single & Multi Victim Have 4 Boot Options And 1 Clik On Name in List U Can Use Any Boot Option

Room Option:Single Bot Login Room Join Room Graber Send Message To Room. With 4 Boot Option Kill messy and Clients Even Pms Closed.1 Click On Name at Chat user List To Use Any Boot Option.Note U mUst Login Ur Multi Bots To Use Room Booter

ytools:Bot Spliter U Can Split Ur Format Bots To any Format & 1 Bot Login Buddy Deny And Multi Buddy Deny And 1 bot Login with 4 Options Kill Messy Even Pm Closed.

Xtra Tools:Site ddoser And Also Yahoo Patch To Use Multi Yahoo Messenger In Ur Pc +4 Radio Station + Shout Box,Proxy Checker,Webrowser,And anti Yahoo Sites Links.


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